Police Accountability in Illinois – A work-around to Qualified Immunity?

The 102nd General Assembly for the State of Illinois (2021-2022) may be as consequential for addressing decades old injustices as was the 101st General Assembly. Rep. Curtis J. Tarver, II introduced legislation to hold police officers accountable when they deprive individuals of their individual rights. His bill HB 1727 creates the Bad Apples in Law Enforcement Accountability Act of 2021.

One of the best ways to honor the noble work of police officers is to create a pathway for the public to hold bad apples accountable.

Read text of HB 1727 as introduced here

Read about HB 1727 here and find out how to advocate for it

Days earlier New Mexico enacted similar state legislation to accomplish similar goals.

Read about the New Mexico bill here

Read the text of the New Mexico bill here

Information about the pending legislative efforts will be updated in this blog post and new posts may be created to address related issues.

Stay tuned and remember – police officers by and large are honorable and brave men and women who chose a career of public service.

These efforts to create accountability for violation of civil rights are long overdue. These are reforms that, for one reason or another, police officers themselves, through their various organizations have not promoted directly despite the overwhelming amount of information on why they are needed.

Increasing police accountability – particularly through the elimination of qualified immunity – is one of those rare policies that has bipartisan support. Not only is the ACLU on board, but so too are libertarian groups like the CATO Institute (read more about CATO’s efforts here).

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