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I started using the Lose It! app on my iphone last week. It makes a difference.

In just a few days I’ve come to recognize that I eat way too much even as I view my consumption as healthy and moderate.

Logging all the things I eat everyday is a rude awakening to just how many calories are in the foods I eat.  The calories add up fast too. Counting calories (and the macro-nutrient levels) helps me make better food choices (so far).

A breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s (I love the steak, egg, & cheese on an english muffin) barely fills me up and it has over 400 calories!  That’s just shy of 1/4 of my daily caloric limit (the calorie limit recommended for losing 2 pounds per week). I would need to eat two of them to be reasonably satiated, and that would make the rest of the day painful as I’d have only about 900 calories left!

Also, seeing the number of calories in the food I eat and keeping track of them is motivating me to eat at home rather than at restaurants.

Every person is different. I’ve read often that we don’t need to count calories as much as we need to eat healthy and cut out processed foods, sugar, and carbs. I agree that if I were eating a very low carb diet then I wouldn’t have to count calories, but barring that strategy the calorie counting is necessary.

The app is only useful if you commit to logging in everything eaten every day – even on bad days.  I had one of those last week, but it helped to log in the food so that I could look back on it and see what pushed me over my limit.

I can see myself using this app not just to lose weight but to manage it and my macro-nutrient levels in the future after I achieve my weight loss goals.